Hello beauties and welcome to the fresh beauty blog.

We don’t all adore makeup and beauty products, well 2 out of the 3 of us do! However, we each have something to say and offer to all beauties out there. There’s Kate, the frugal and skeptical beauty shopper! She shakes her head each time a new beauty package arrives on our desk, and always questions whether we really needed another foundation, mascara or sunscreen. Then there’s Paula, the beauty-addict on a sometimes budget. Between offering beauty advice and support to customers, she will battle with herself daily on whether she really should get another Chanel eyeshadow. Then there’s Rita, the beauty-addict on steroids. A beauty parcel arrives almost daily on her desk, with only slight variations in shade or texture, sometimes not even visible to the naked eye, yet she will tell you the products are completely different and a neccessity!

Together the threesome will appeal to most women; whether you don’t believe in the cosmetics hype, are on a budget or are always looking for the next best “it” product, the fresh beauty blog will definitely shed some light on beauty struggles that even the most put-together cosmetics-junkie will find useful.