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Last post I made mention of the fact that I am a mother to young boy. That comes with highs: listening to that gorgeous giggle when I tickle him; and lows: him pulling my hair.

When pregnant (isn’t it always then, it must be the hormones), I imagined I would be one of those mothers with long flowing locks, baby in its Ergo Carrier, going to cafes and drinking lattes. The reality is not quite the same. When Cam was about 4 months, I had had enough of him tugging my locks and also never had the time or energy to do anything more than put my shoulder-length hair into a pony-tail. So, on a family trip to Fiji, I cut it off.

Let’s go back for a minute. Yes, I said in Fiji. I would never, ever, recommend getting your hair cut while on holidays in Fiji. I have never regretted a haircut more. When I asked for a long bob, just a couple of inches off, the lady understood I wanted Posh Beckham’s style (not true) and I ended up with something like Nick from the Backstreet Boys in the early days.

I now have a style more like Ginnifer Goodwin or Michelle Williams. Easy to manage and I love it. The trick if you are getting a new cut is to get your stylist to show you how to look after it before you leave. For short hair like mine, you need a good quality wax that has some movement, (such as Redken Electric Wax Medium Control). My stylist also recommended using a hair powder (such as Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder) BEFORE the wax to give more definition and control.

You will need to make sure the product is completely washed out before you use it again, otherwise your hair will feel like it a piece of grass. Ideally get an organic shampoo and conditioner; you will then be sure that you are not further coating your hair with something it probably doesn’t need. Modern Organic Products has a great range of yummy smelling products made from fruit and vegetables so you will feel healthy too.

Finally, look after your mane. Treat it once in a while to a treatment or mask instead of bleaching it. It will thank you when you are 75 and want a full head of glamourous Helen Mirren-style grey hair.

image of Ginnifer Goodwin courtesy of dailymakeover.com