I’m a chronic insomniac. It’s ok because I have made my peace with only having 3-4 hours a night of sleep. I tried so many remedies and they were all in vain so I decided that I would not let it bother me. Except for one little thing…Looking exhausted each and every morning!
And so it has been my mission these past few years to find beauty products that will disguise my paleness and tiredness. I think I have been successful seeing as I have looks of disbelief when I tell people how little I sleep.
So now for my beauty secrets! I obviously cleanse, moisturise and use an eye serum. I am also very diligent about sunscreen as the sun causes premature aging.
The secret is taking care of your skin and using great makeup. I use a tinted moisturiser as my skin is quite good. The Dr Denese one is rather good and has inbuilt sunscreen which is great. Then I use a concealer by Kevyn Aucoin. This concealer never seems to run out and a little goes a long way. If your skin is red or if you have blemishes simply mix a little with your foundation or your tinted moisturiser and magic! I use it under my eyes to conceal the darkness and if I have any blemishes.
I then apply the Kevyn Aucoin blush in The Pure Powder Glow – # Dolline (Apricot). This gives me a lovely colour to my cheeks. Then I sweep my face with Celestial Powder by Kevyn Aucoin. This Celestial Powder gives you a natural radiant glow and you will be asked why you look so fabulous! It’s an amazing product that I simply cannot live without. My skin is illuminated and I actually look awake.
I then highlight my eyebrows with my gorgeous Benefit Eyebrow kit. This definitely defines the face. After this I apply my trusted curling mascara by yep you guessed it again by Kevyn Aucoin. This is a tubing mascara, it doesn’t rub, smudge or budge. Unless of course you want to remove it, then warm water removes the product easily. It doesn’t irritate the eyes and is safe for contact lens users.
Finally I apply my lipstick by Giorgio Armani. This lipstick looks fabulous and also doesn’t budge. There are days when I go home and the lipstick still remains on. Yes it’s pricey but I can’t live without it.
In my opinion, it’s best to buy one pricey item rather than several cheaper items. Buy that one lipstick you will adore rather than 5 that you will hate and inevitably thrown in the rubbish bin.
These are my secrets to looking great when exhausted. How about you? Do you have any beauty secrets you would like to share?