beauty insider

Greetings Beauties,

Kristina Ioannou here; your new go-to beauty gal on behalf of Fragrances and Cosmetics!

What you can expect from hereon is a heap of beauty tips and tricks (I promise one of them will not be “drinks heaps of water”), tutorials, product reviews, beauty world gossip, and lots of other pretty, sparkly bits.

Now as with all introductory posts, it’s only fair I gab on a little bit about myself. But since this kind of thing always makes me blush, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Aside from the obvious – that I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain – I’m what I like to call a self-confessed beauty junkie. My day job as a Beauty Editor over at means I get to play with pretty products all day long and do lots of other awesome stuff like and interview Miranda Kerr (name dropping much?), report on upcoming trends and compile articles on the latest and greatest in the big world of beauty. I also do lots of other writing for a bunch of websites so it’s plain to see that every spare minute of mine is spent painting my nails fully immersed in this glitzy world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The past few years have been spent picking up every single trick of the trade from hair stylists, makeup artists, skin care specialists and a few sacred beauty bibles as well as test-driving just about every beauty brand on the market, so rest assured if you ever need help with a beauty prob – I’m your lass!

As for my collaboration with Fresh, well it’s a match made in heaven. Not only am I 100% passionate about the endless array of incredible products they have on offer but I love how almost anyone afford to invest in their beauty treasure trove, thanks to their competitive pricing system and soooo many wonderful deals and steals.

Okay I promised I’d keep this short and sweet but the journalist in me has a tendency to ramble on. So I’ll just quickly say…

Here’s to a fabulous beauty adventure together!

❤Kristina xo

PS. I’ll also be holding fort over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so watch out for my Fresh Beauty Insider tips, fun facts and lots of other rad stuff! You can also drop me a line at