ReeseI know we’ve already covered the cascading wave look in yesterday’s Victoria Secret-inspired hair post, but I simply had to mention Reese Witherspoon’s bouncy Old Hollywood sideswept curls from the Oscars. They. Are. Awesome. Incredible! Spectacular! Being the beauty buff that I am, I’ve compiled yet another how-to (my, my won’t your grooming skills be totally up to scratch by the end of this month!) that’ll give you her A-lister retro waves in a flash.


Add some BlowPro Blow Up Root Life Concentrate directly to your roots while hair is still wet to give your locks some lift. Next, create an extreme side part and blow dry the top of your hair with the nozzle facing the direction you want your part to lay. You can do this with a round brush for better control. Leave the rest of your hair damp.


Wrap your hair in large curlers and blow dry while the curlers are in. Start from the root and twirl the hair around the roller and roll the roller back up to your head. Pin with the pins provided or bobby pins. Spritz over Lanza Healing Style Spray Gel to set the curls and leave for several minutes. Then, remove the rollers and use curling tongs to add any additional bounce to your curls.


Time to add your vintage glam touch! Using Frederic Fekkai Hair Brush, brush the curls out very lightly to blend the curled hair into one beautiful cascading style. To add extra volume, working from ear to ear, take sections of hair at ear-level and back comb slightly with a teasing comb a small amount of hair spray. Repeat this in a section about one inch after the first one.


Lightly brush the top layer of hair to even everything and spray some hairspray all over. To finish, add Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss to your ends then swoop one side of the hair over the front of your shoulder, while tucking the other side behind your ear. Don’t forget to flash a smile!

❤ Kristina xo

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