5 to try oilUsually, the weather and my beauty routine do not mix. I’ve had one too many makeup meltdowns brought on by tempestuous temps to consider Mother Nature my BFF. So after recently experiencing a few unsightly breakouts across patches of my skin, namely my decolletage, I knew it was time to enlist the help of a few dependable skin saviours.

Enter: Body Oils; what I like to call life’s little luxuries. These slippery skin treatments are an absolute obsession of mine, not only for their ability to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate my skin’s surface but also for their blemish banishing powers and glow-inducing skills.

So what’s all the fuss about?


Powerful antioxidants coupled with stellar ingredients such as monoi, argan and almond oil help to scent and soften the skin, while healing imperfections, diminishing stretch marks and dealing with loss of elasticity. You can even use these little multi-taskers on the hair, nails and heels! And contrary to popular belief, most will dry quickly once applied so you won’t be left with any greasy residue.

But wait… there’s more! Men, yes men can use these elixirs too without the risk of smelling like a big giant flower.

Below are 5 of my all-time faves for both the gals and the guys. Go forth and give them a go…

1. Diptyque Precious Oil For Body and Bath, $115

Here’s an interesting one, this aromatic body & bath oil has been designed specifically for the gentlemen. I actually got the genius idea of giving this to my pops for Christmas and he’s been its number one fan ever since. Sweet almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, urucum oil & macadamia nut oil is blended luxuriously to help soften the skin and hydrate dry patches while notes of jasmine, ylang ylang and saffron creates a gorgeously aromatic fragrance tailored for the lads (but gals can still use this too… shhh don’t tell!). Simply add a few drops to the bath or run the product through the hair or over the skin for an instant dose of radiance.

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2. NARS Monoi Body Glow II, $83

If exotic has a smell, this is it! Fast absorbing and highly moisturising, this rockstar body oil is perfect for deeply nourishing the skin and imparting a supermodel glow that lasts. Enriched with quenching ingredients like Monoi and coconut oil as well as the bud of the Polynesian tiare flower, slathering the luxurious formula all over your bod will be enough to transport you straight into a tropical vacay state-of-mind. I love to apply the potion lotion on my legs over my fake tan on a night out to get silky smooth pins.

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3. Decleor Aromessence Relax Intense Relaxing Dry Oil, $68

Consider this the ultimate dry skin fix, great for on-the-go gals who don’t have minutes to waste between shower and dress. Once the formula comes into contact with the skin – BANG! – it sinks right in, leaving behind a wonderfully subtle sheen. 100% pure and natural essential oils and ingredients like tonka bean, ylang ylang, vetiver and jojoba help to transform the skin to velvety smooth goodness. And don’t even get me started on the scent; a total relaxation boost!

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4. Bloom Organics Nourishing Body Oil – Calming Blend, $41

A hydrating wunder-prod which glides on easily without feeling greasy and seeps into the skin in minutes. The delicate blend of calming pure essential oils works to protect the skin’s support tissue and fight against loss of elasticity. I love mixing this in with my body moisturiser as I find it blends well with cream-based formulas and makes the skin look oh-so-glossy; double the benefits! It also keeps skin feeling moisturised for days. Bonus.

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5. Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir, $46

If you’re in dire need of a spa visit, save your pennies and invest in this lavish nurturing bath essence instead. Chockful of skin-loving essentials like cocoa butter, the healing aroma of patchouli and cedarwood will not only awaken the senses but truly relieve you of any stressors, while the the conditioning ingredients sweep away roughness to recover radiance, allowing the skin to emerge supple and soft. Your surefire answer to an at-home spa experience minus the price tag.

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PRO TIP: Apply the oils right after a shower or bath, while skin is still a little damp for quicker and deeper penetration into the surface.

❤ Kristina xo

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