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Ain’t it a shame that the weekend’s already over? But what better way to cure Mondayitis than with a quick and easy ombre nail art tutorial (it always works for me)! Jazz up your digits for the week ahead following these simple steps.


1. Paint each nail with a base coat. Think of it as a primer for your polish. It prepares the nail surface, smoothes the surface and gives the color something to grab on to. TIP: Prep the nail bed by clipping, buffing and filing your claws to perfection.

2. Paint on your nail varnish (lilac and neon yellow look fab together!). Wait at least 5 or more minutes for the lacquer to completely dry and then paint on a second coat.

3. Using a dense makeup sponge, paint your second layer of colour directly onto the tip and then press the sponge lightly onto the upper half of each nail in soft dabbing motions to create a gradient effect. If the result seems too translucent apply a second layer.

4. Finish with a top coat for added glaze and to extend the longevity of your fabulous mani.

Happy Monday!

❤ Kristina xo

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