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gitIt was soooooo hard to choose through the vast array of amazing entries from all of you lovely ladies in our Mother’s Day giveaway, but after hemming and hawwing over some standout favourites, I’m happy to announce that the wonderful winner of the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector is Kerry Santillo for her clever (and oh-so-true) entry about mum’s best beauty advice:

Never leave the house without a lipstick. Not only is it key to making any outfit look instantly polished and put-together, but it also moonlights as the perfect blush (or rouge as Mum likes to call it).

Congrats Kerry! Please email kristina@fragrancesandcosmetics.com.au to claim your prize.

And a huge thanks to everyone else for taking the time to submit your entries. They were a pleasure to read.

Here are some other awesome mum-inspired answers full of incredible tips, tricks and beauty mantras:


“My grandmother was my best friend, and the one who gave me beauty advice: she said oatmeal sewn into a muslin bag was perfect for a bath soak, but she also said to use it as a scrubbing pad to keep hands and face soft and white. Everyone knows how good an oatmeal bath is for sensitive and painful skin, but the new trend is muslin face cloths for exfoliation and cleansing! My grandmother was way ahead of her time, I miss her every day.” — Kristine

“Mum always said Beauty comes from within
Not just on your outer skin
Always said Walk and Stand Proud with a smile
And your Inner Beauty will take style.” — Nichole Mckee

“Mum always told me to put a cold compress on my face to soothe acne and inflammation  I’d dampen it, put it over sliced cucumbers so the antioxidants were infused in the material and then leave it in the freezer for an hour before gently applying it to my face. Strangely worked wonders!” — Chiara Lee

“My Mum taught me that when you have a great life full of fun, you’ll probably have to spend a lot on skincare to take care of the laughter lines…but it’s worth every cent!” — Glenda McDonnell

“Winter, with socks & stockings, always dries out my heels but Mum told me to moisturise (heavily), straight after my shower then put on my bed socks  … the heat, moisturiser & fluffy socks means no cracked heels come summer sandals.” — Sue Bou

“My mother always said that Tea Tree Oil would clear up any skin problem, acne, pimples, blemishes and dry skin. It really did work.” — Michelle Green

“Stay out of the sun, it’s really simple but it’s the best anti-ageing tool there is out there.” — Anna

“Always smile, it is the best make-up a girl can have. Have you ever seen a smiling face that was not beautiful?” — Johanna Rees

“The best beauty advice that my mother gave me is to clean my skin with Rose Water. It’s cheap, you can buy it in any supermarket, cleans, tones and refresh your skin like no other! Use it everyday.” — Marta

“My mum tells me that I don’t need lots of makeup to look beautiful. What makes me beautiful is from the inside.” — Ina J

“An eyebrow pencil is your best friend. A nice shaped brow frames your best feature – your eyes.” — Leila

“Mum told me to always try to be positive, kind and happy on the inside – as being a happy and caring person always makes you look beautiful, no matter what your age.” — Margaret Chafer

“The best thing you can put on your face is a smile and sunscreen – every day of the year.” — Tracey Pinny

“BEAUTY is power; but the best MAKEUP any woman can wear is a SMILE. And, the best ACCESSORY a woman can own is CONFIDENCE; it brings out the GODDESS, and makes any woman SHINE from within!” — Renata

“My mother always told me that ‘Beauty is when you radiate happiness’ and so you should always wear makeup that makes you feel happy, confident and beautiful because you will radiate it outwards as well, and it will change your perceptive on everything.” — Una Chen

“My Mum taught me to use lemons for their bleaching effect – for the dark skin on your elbows, on freckles and sunspots on your face, – add lemon in your hair and the sun will give you that bleached sunkissed look.” — Pernilla S

“My mum always told me if I want to keep wrinkles at bay invest in a great toner, eye cream and moisturiser with SPF.” — Nicole Latham

“Green toned concealer for red blemishes and salmon toned concealer for dark under-eye circles!” — Sophie

“My mum is nuts. Some of her advice: smearing honey on cold-sores, rubbing acne with a fresh cut potato, mashed banana face-mask, exfoliating with sugar… if she was coming at me with food I wasn’t sure if I’d be eating or wearing it!” — Bibi

“Always use moisturiser and sunscreen on the back of your hands.” — Sarah

“My mother taught me not to squeeze pimples instead steam face and put a hot face cloth on it to bring it to a head and then apply toothpaste to dry it out.” — Melanie Scott

❤ Kristina xo

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