neon how toAre your nails starting to look like a crime scene? Colourless, lifeless, dull? I hear ya, sister, I hear ya. But what better way to inject a dose of awesomness into your mani than with some stylish neon ascents?! Follow these simple steps to achieve a set of fabulous fingertips — consider it the modern day French Manicure.


Step 1: Apply a base coat and let it dry. It’s important that it is completely dry before you proceed.

Step 2: Paint your nails with a nude or skin-toned varnish. Let it dry.

Step 3: Apply paper reinforcements to your nail.

Step 4: Paint a neon color on the tip, or whatever color you would like to use. Use 2 light coats for coverage.

Step 5: Remove tape or reinforcement AFTER the polish has dried.

Step 6: Apply a top coat.

Enjoy lacquer lovers!

❤ Kristina xo

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