I get it. Creating the perfect skincare routine for yourself can be a battle and a half, particularly with so many product options out there. Does the moisturiser or the serum go on first? Do I really need an eye cream? Does toner even do anything? Why do I need a cleanser when I can just use wipes? Yup, the very thought can be overwhelming.

But don’t fret, this easy peasy video that I’ve compiled for all you beauty mavens will take you step by step through the process of a perfect skincare routine so you can emerge each night with a flawless, glowing canvas. Press play to achieve clear skin nirvana!

skincare steps


Step 1: Remove your makeup with wipes or a gentle makeup removing formula.

Product used in video: Bare Escentuals i.d. Take Off Facial Wipes, $19

Step 2: Apply cleanser to remove the residue of the wipes and get rid of daily grime, makeup, dead skin cells, and oxidised sebum. Build into a lather before rinsing off and then pat dry with a soft towel or cloth. Choose a creamy cleanser if you have dry skin or a clear cleanser if you have oily skin.

Product used in video: Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser, $47

Step 3: To remove any leftover traces of dirt, add a little bit of toner to some cotton pads and wipe gently across your face before rinsing. Pat dry.

Product used in video: Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Toner, $27

Step 4: Apply an antioxidant-infused serum to the skin and let it soak in for five minutes.

Product used in video: Perricone MD Chia Serum, $97

Step 5: Massage a dollop of moisturiser into your visage once the serum has fully absorbed.

Product used in video: La Mer Creme De La Mer, $251

Step 6: Dab eye cream around the orbital socket of the eyes and pat it into the skin until fully blended. Don’t rub as this can damage the delicate skin around the eye area.

Product used in video: Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream, $67

EXTRA STEPS: Exfoliate once or twice per week on clean skin and apply a purifying or hydrating mask once per week on evenings that you don’t exfoliate.

❤ Kristina xo

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