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We always seem to forget about them but eyebrows are one of the most fundamental parts of your look. A face without eyebrows is like Batman without Robin, Kim Kardashian without false eyelashes and a painting without a frame. Actually, that’s probably the best analogy to use in reference to eyebrows — they frame your face and seeing as every face is different (compare Kiera Knightley’s eyebrows to say Lily Collins), they all need to be treated with consideration to your face and natural brow shape. While that stuff is best left to the professionals, there are also some super easy tricks we can use at home to groom our little brow pals (left is Fred, right is Wilma, since you were wondering).


When working out the shape of your eyebrow, there are four main steps.

STEP ONE: This may not be a necessary step for those with sparse or fine brows, but very necessary for those with coarse and/or unruly, bushy brows. Use your spoolie and brush your eyebrows upward. Now take a small set of scissors, and line them across the topmost, thickest part of the brow. Trim any hairs that are too long.


STEP TWO: See where your eyebrows start. Grab a pen (brush/crayon/wand) and hold it vertically on the side of your nose. Where the pen meets your eyebrow is where your brow should start. Where your pen overlaps with your pupil is where your arch should be. finally, slide the pen so it’s next to the outermost corner of your eye. When the outer tip rests is where your brow should end. Easy peasy (with corn and rice, please!).


STEP THREE: If you don’t want to fiddle with the shape of your eyebrows, there are plenty of ways to alter what they look like without pulling out the tweezers. The easiest and most foolproof way to do this is by filling in your eyebrows using a subtly darker shade of brow powder with an angled brush in the direction of your hair growth. Think of the top and bottom of your brows as borders, and you need to colour in between the lines of your brow with whatever residue is on your brush.

STEP FOUR: You can also shade your brows in with an eyebrow pencil. It’s best to start from the outer brow and arch and then work your way towards the inner part, that way you can avoid having too much product where you want it to look the most natural, and not ‘done’. Next, brush upwards lightly through your brows and set it with some brow gel or clear mascara (no one will ever know).

Damn, Fred and Wilma, you guys are looking mighty fine!

Here’s a more detailed guide about how to shape and fill in your arches:

Hope you enjoyed and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

hazalHazal Ozturk is a beauty journalist and resident product aficionado at Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily. When Hazal isn’t ranting and raving about the latest and greatest in the beauty world or making sure her arches are in tip top shape, she’s decking out her digits in fancy nail art and sussing out new and awesome ways to perfect the art of winged liner.